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vdw 850 Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar

vdw 850
Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar
for medium traffic loads
weitere Eigenschaften: 

For natural stone, reconstituted stone and concrete block paved surfaces on driveways, roads and other traficked paved areas, including those used by delivery vehicles etc.

  • Fast, durable, cost effective
  • Easily flow applied
  • Water permeable
  • Self-compacting
  • Mechanical sweeper resistant
  • Excellent abrasion resistancet
  • Frost and de-icing salt resistant
  • No weeds or boring insects
  • Can be applied in the rain
  • Environmentally friendly
Cplours Sample Packaging Article-no.
sand PP-bucket 25 kg 850002.825
stone grey PP-bucket 25 kg 850003.825
 (dark grey)
PP-bucket 25 kg 850004.825
Verarbeitung / Application: 

Site requirements:
A stable, load-bearing structure, a water permeable sub-base and the paving layer must all be correctly designed and installes for the anticipated traffic loads. Joint depth: > 30 mm (in areas of heavy or frequent vehicular traffic the total joint depth of the bedded paving units should be used), Joint width: > 5 mm, The mabient and substrate temperatures shoul dbe min. 3°C/37,4°F, max. 25°C / 77° F.

A compulsory forced action mixer ora drill with suitable mixing paddles. Water supply, a hose spray nozzle, a squegee and a coconut fibre brush. Uncured mortar can be cleaned from the tools with water.

Test area:
On some reconstituted or sentitive natural stone paving, the vdw 850 binder contact can make the stone appear darker ot to have a wet look. Therefore always apply a test area first.

Clean the surface of all dirt, cement residues, organic materials, or any other contaminants, including cleaning out all of the joints to the required depth. 

Fully saturate the paved surface before startingthe application.

Pre-mix the vdw 850 resin coated aggregate (component A) materials inthe pail. Then add all of the vdw 850 liquid hardener (component B) in the bottle included in the pail and mix until smooth and fully homogneous. No water should be added to the material during mixing!

Filling the joints:
Spread the mortar across the paved surface using a rubber squeegee and work thoroughly into the joints, where it self-compacts. We recommend filling the joints from the highest to the lowest points.

Brushing off:
Remove any excess vdw 850 mortar after approx. 5 minutes or immediatley at temperatures higher than 15°C/59°F, then rinse by spraying lightly with water from a hose at a distance of about 25 cm. Avoid washing material out of the joints. Be careful to clean the paved surface towards areas not yet jointed. Finally remove any remaining fin eresidues, again with a damp coconut fibre brush - do not brush any residual dry material into any unfilled joints.

Chamfered edges must also be brushed free!

Anyway, please follow our detailed technical hints for the application of our products which are available free of charge. Subject to technical changes. When in doubt, please contact us. Our general conditions of sale apply.

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