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vdw 525 / vdw825 Split Mortar and Resin Binder

vdw 825
vdw 525
Binder / Mortar for pea gravel & crushed stones
For pedestrian areas

vdw 825 mortar for pea gravel & crushed stones is a permeable, strong and decorative split mortar based on Polyurethane. Ideally suitable for banding of setts and slabs, decorative elements, resin bound surfacing, tree pits, and much more

  • highly decorative
  • clean surfaces
  • excellent water permeability
  • abrasion resistant
  • frost resistant
  • highly UV stable
  • non-yellowing
  • environmentally friendly


Colours Sample Packaging Article-No.
natural PP-bucket 25 kg 825102.825
brown/beige PP-bucket 25 kg 825108.825
anthracite PP-bucket 25 kg 825104.825


vdw 525 Binder for pea gravel & crushed stones

Colours Packaging Article-No.
transparent Alu-bottle 0,8 kg 525102.808


Verarbeitung / Application: 


Preparation and application of  vdw 825 Split Mortar

Pedestrian areas: A compacted and stable bed of loose dry gravel or chippings suitable for the anticipated loading is first installed. The thickness of the split mortar should be 4 cm after being compacted. Better: application on a bed of permeable concrete or mortar, we recommend to use vdw 480 bedding compound and vdw 490 drain mortar.

The subconstruction must be built according to the expected traffic loads. The finished system surface design level, and any slope to drainage for additional water run-off must be prepared. Any oil, grease or other dirt and contamination must be completely removed before application.

Trial areas:
On some sensitive natural stone setts and concrete block paving, contact with the vdw525 binder / vdw 825 mortar can result in potentially irreversible changes in appearance, such as darkening and/or spotting. Always apply a test area first !

Stirrer, a drill with spherical mixing paddles, forced action drum mixer, mortar buckets, shovel, brushes, smoothing and floating trowels and ancillary tools..

Surface, substrate and chamfers must be thoroughly cleaned. Also clean, mask and protect adjacent areas.

Material preparation (vdw 825):
Shake vigorously and then add the entire liquid resin binder component to the gravel in the bucket and mix thoroughly. Then decant the mixed material into a clean container and mix again. Mixing time: minimum 5 minutes in a forced action drum mixer or with a drill with spherical mixing paddles or with a stirrer. Do not add additional water.

Mixing of vdw 525 binder can also be carried out in a forced action drum mixer, again for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Mortar Application:
Apply the mixed vdw 525 / vdw 825 mortar onto the prepared base. Spread roughly with a shovel / towel and compact to the right thickness and levels using timber, plastic or metal battens. Ensure complete compaction and trowel float finish the surface.

Use barriers and rain protection on and around freshly laid areas for a period of at least 12 hours (at 20° C / 68° F). These can then be opened to light pedestrian traffic. The areas can be fully released for service and traffic after 7 days. In principle a retained sample or surface strength test (i.e. Schmidt Hammer) can be carried out before the areas go into service.


Application of vdw 525 resin binder

vdw 525 resin binder is suitable for the production of mortars when mixed with graded dust free and dried mineral materials in particle sizes of:

  • 2-5 mm
  • 5-8 mm
  • 8-11 mm

The contents of the aluminium bottle (0,8 kg) can be used to bind a maximum of 25 kg of mineral materials (max. 20 kg with glass as the aggregate). For use, follow the preparation, mixing, application and curing instructions for the vdw 825 prebagged mortar..


Anyway, please follow our detailed technical hints for the application of our products which are available free of charge. Subject to technical changes. When in doubt, please contact us. Our general conditions of sale apply.


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